Navina Nirada Das

Radio Mayapur with Guest Navina Nirada Das

Interview With Navina Nirada Das by Radio Mayapur. During this session, he informed us that, he joined ISKCON in 1984 in Zurich, Switzerland, at the age of 15 and soon became one of the world’s top book distributors. He is a spiritual entrepreneur. Navina Nirada traveled the globe more than twenty times and served as ISKCON Minister of Book Distribution. Since 1996, he has been part of a team that successfully taught thousands of devotees courses on outreach and leadership.

He built and directed Vaishnava Academy, an adult education facility in Mayapur and earned his Bhaktivedanta degree from Mayapur Institute. He currently oversees a spiritual center in the heart of San Francisco. Navina Nirada Das delivers seminars and guides individuals through his experience from nearly four decades of practice. He still regularly distributes books. Currently, he is on an appreciation tour, visiting friends and mentors.