Radio Mayapur with Fabio Giudice

Radio Mayapur with Guest Fabio Giudice

Radio Mayapur Podcast Episode 1 features guest Fabio Giudice from Italy, the internationally famous classical mandolin teacher, and performer. Giudice’s life has been dedicated to the study of plucked instruments. And he acquired a diploma in Mandolin at the Conservatory of L’Aquila with M Fabio Menditto. He specialized as an executor of Mandoloncello (Liuto cantabile) and attended specialized courses with M Ugo Orlandi in ancient instruments. Radio Mayapur guest Mr. Fabio Giudice has been rewarded as a soloist in many international musical contests. Including the quartet Arte Mandolinistica and with Quartetto a Plettro Italiano. He collaborated in the past and he is at present a guitar and mandolin soloist with many orchestras.

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