Radio Mayapur with Guest Tulasi Das

Tulasi Das is originally from Bulgaria. This is his story of how someone from an ordinary background develops a love of yoga, a desire for simple living, and high thinking. He has been a devotee of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness for twenty years. Tulasi liked being with the Hare Krishna devotees when he was a young man. He overcame his parents’ doubts of being with the devotees and visiting the temple. Eventually, Tulasi forged a good relationship with his parents as he left home to become a full-time devotee of ISKCON. Tulasi would become an expert in the sales of the books of A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami, and he has studied Bhakti Yoga philosophy extensively at the Mayapur Institute. Tulasi is now a teacher and foremost exponent of Vaishnava teachings.