Radio Mayapur with Guest NitaiSevini Devi Dasi

Her Grace Dr. Nitaisevini Devi Dasi was born in Mumbai in a Gujarati Business family, conventional followers of the Pushtimarg. Later she with her family shifted to Hyderabad in 1984, since then she was closely connected to ISKCON Secunderbad. Inspired by Visits of many senior devotees, she later joined as a Full time devotee in 1997 and took initiation in the year 1998 in Atlanta,USA from H.H.Jayapataka Swami Maharaj. She has completed her Graduation in Commerce, Masters in Education with a PG diploma in Management of Voluntary Organisation. She also completed her PhD in Education from Andhra University. Mataji is also the founder and Principal of Divine Touch School which is aimed at imparting spiritual education to the children at very young age. Mataji is actively involved in Fund raising, Festival Cordination, Congregation preaching and College Preaching besides shouldering management responsibility with her husband H.G.Samba Prabhuji, President ISKCON Visakhapatnam.

Mataji is a multilingual preacher, preaching in 5 languages across the globe.

She initiated Bhakti Yoga Residential Summer camp at Visakhapatnam . She also initiated Online Damodar Maas Sadhana, Online Ekadashi Sadhana and Online Purushottam Maas Sadhana have been very successful programs.

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