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Podcast Studio Is Finished

A 300-square-foot room for “Podcast Studio Is Finished” in the same building was completely remodeled. New electricity, plumbing, lighting, paint, furniture, and acoustic treatments. New high-speed internet wiring was installed as well as a new router. Fifty-two acoustic panels were placed near the high ceiling. Twenty-four of the best 2×4 acoustic panels from India’s number-one manufacturer of acoustic panels were installed on the walls. The windows were outfitted with heavy acoustic drapes, and the room floor received five rich wool rugs for soundproofing. The custom-made Podcast Studio is finished and fully equipped. Used Rode broadcast quality microphones, headsets, and a Rode podcast mixer. A new Dell laptop next to the mixer provides the Hindenburg DAW software for recording the four microphones.

Sitting adjacent to the recording table is a new PC workstation with a new Dell computer, speakers, and software for editing and uploading podcasts to various services. Starting soon, Radio Mayapur will begin ramping up our weekly podcasts, with the goal being one new podcast each week.