Radio Mayapur with Guest Jaya Krsna Das

Jaya Krsna Das from a large family of ISKCON devotees originally from Kenya became an important producer and artist in the famous Bhaktivedanta Players at the Bhaktivedanta Manor outside of London. A family man, a lifetime of devotion to Krishna and Srila Prabhupada, Jaya Krsna has lectured on Krishna Consciousness all over the world.

Radio Mayapur with Guest Amedeo DeSantis

Amedeo DeSantis is an acclaimed Italian mountain guide, world traveller, a visitor to Mayapur and an old friend of Ganga Das, our Radio Mayapur podcast manager. Amedeo and Ganga both speak fluent Italian, and to make this interview with Amedeo easier, we did the entire podcast in Italian.

Radio Mayapur with Guest Narasinga Chaitanya

Narasinga Chaitanya from Melbourne, Australia is a credentialed sound engineer with a great background in performance venue sound engineering. Now visiting Mayapur for his Vaishnava education at the Mayapur Institute, he sat down with our podcast host Ganga Das for an interesting review of how one becomes a Bhakti Yogi.