Radio Mayapur is streaming 700 hours of devotee-created music, bhajans, kirtans, and prayers with DJ announcements of the musical artists. We also host interviews and podcasts about the Life and Times of ISKCON devotees.


Radio Mayapur wants to help the ISKCON devotees here in Mayapur get their devotional message online. Based on your message’s devotional quality and quantity, Radio Mayapur offers its studio recording and editing free of charge. We will record devotee’s audio and video and professionally edit them for you as Seva or devotional service. We offer short-term or long-term projects within our time and workability to accommodate your needs and your type of project.

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Krishna Chaitanya Das was born to a devotee family in Mumbai on 14 January 1989. He was the first young devotee in Gurukul to complete Bhakti Sastri. Prabhu was the …

Jagadanada Das was born in July 1980 in a small village in Bangladesh. He was known for singing Bengali kirtans in his village from a very early age. Prabhu was …

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