I started Radio Mayapur because the Vaishnava artists that create this meditative, devotional, and inspirational music give me a clearer mind, happier emotions, and spiritual upliftment. I wanted you to enjoy this too.

— Nityananda Ram Das

Radio Mayapur | Devotional and Inspirational Music & Podcasts

The idea for Radio Mayapur started from over fifty years of living a Vaishnava lifestyle with the devotion of Bhakti yoga at the center. A lifelong student of Bhakti, meditation, Japa, kirtan, devotional music and a lifetime of Bhagavad Gita studies espousing the values of living a peaceful, contemplative lifestyle is at the foundation of Radio Mayapur. What you hear on Radio Mayapur is a devotional and inspirational lifestyle.

Radio Mayapur’s organizational values are based upon the Bhagavad-Gita’s values, which sets us apart from those broadcasting contemporary music. Radio Mayapur’s proposition to you is that listening to this inspirational, meditative, and devotional radio station will improve your mental clarity, make you happier, and give you a spiritual boost.

Our mission is to improve harmonious living through meditative and inspirational music and podcast.


We believe that listening to devotional and inspirational music and podcasts benefits and calms the minds of those that live within the harshness of the material world.


Our guiding principles from the Bhagavad-Gita give us the strength to not surrender our thoughts and actions based on society's mundane music lyrics.


Radio Mayapur provides music from artists and podcast guests that care about living intelligent and value-based lives based on devotion and inspiration.


To provide harmonious sound environments for our listeners through meditative and inspirational music and podcast.

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